My work on show at LEICA GALLERY L.A.

On April 2, 2016, my project “The Long Road Home” opened as part of the “Broad Strokes” show at the Leica Gallery of Los Angeles. It was the official exhibition of Month of Photography Los Angeles and we had a successful opening reception with tons of people showing up.

I went to see a talk by Matt Stuart with my friend and fellow photographer 2FiveSix. Matt had been on my radar since I studied in London and always wondered about his method of working and if they were staged or not. He was a very funny and nice guy and it was a pleasure listening to him.

After the talk my friend overheard gallery manager and curator Paris Chong talk about the upcoming show which was supposed to be the first ever all-woman exhibition that she was organizing with Cat Jimenez, executive director of the Lucie Foundation. He whipped out his iPad, showed her my work and she loved it! Long story short, two weeks later I was part of the show. The other female photographers in the show were Cira Crowell, Lesa Amoore, Lisa Leone, Tasya van Ree, and Tanya Alexis


A huge thank you goes out to A & I Fine Art Printing who did such a great quality job and were a pleasure to work with.

Framing was done by Louis Framing which I can not recommend enough! They have the fastest turnaround time with the best price you can find in Los Angeles.

Photos by: Philip CuencoRichard Thompson III, and me.

The beautiful prints done by the amazing A & I Fine Art (

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